Being Average in a “Viral” World – [Inspiration]

To be honest with you, I’m just as average as the next person, constantly searching for a way to have my voice heard. All I want to do is spread the love and all I know how to do well is fail and try again.

Failing is the only way to be heard when you’re at the bottom. You don’t have a voice, but if you keep talking, you’ll catch a break on something eventually. I read a blog one time, about a person averaging 20 views or so per day, and by whatever miracle, a very popular man named Guy Kawasaki retweeted her post. Talk about 15 minutes of fame, would you want your words being tweeted to millions of followers?

I know it would be cool for me.

But the reason she caught that break and had her previous posts seen and eventually became internet privileged, was because she kept voicing her thoughts.

Her thoughts.

She wasn’t trying to be like someone else to impress someone else, she was doing her thing in her own style. So, if you feel like you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve and your words are “failure” because you aren’t seeing results, then go put yourself out there and let people see the raw, un-filtered emotion that you have in you.

You’ve got more chance of being heard by using your own voice. Don’t use someone else because you can’t resonate with their version of “unfiltered”.


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