“All Those Who Look Down On Me, I’m Tearing Down Your Balcony” – Marshall Mathers

There will inevitably be times in life when people are going to tear you down. Family, friends and everyone else around me – It made me angry to say the least.

I would look straight through them, I’d agree with them and then I’d shatter every single thought they had about me. They say I was a “fuck up” – I’d agree. They’d say I was going nowehere – I’d thank them for their opinion. The only source of validation I needed was in myself, but they needed validation from everyone else. So, the only question I ever had was, “Who’s the real winner?”

Which one of us is really going to make it? Which person out of the two of us has a chance to break the cycle? With a hustle like Dre and a relentless mind, I found my way.

Is it going to be the one who comes home and sits his ass on the couch and listens to the bullshit on TV, or is it going to be me? I was going to be the player on the bench that got into the game and showcased my skill, catching every loose ball that no one saw. No one was ever going to tell me different.

Those people made me, but they thought they had a chance to tear me down. They wanted me to be average just like them and I’d run over their thoughts and capture their minds with a middle finger and a smile. I’m out to change the world every day, but the only chance I had was to keep writing, to keep driving off the edge of that stupid shit I did. I stepped into as much knowledge as I could wrap my head around while the people around me were melting their brains with clubs and bars and 5 o’clock news, because they never had a clue what to do.

It’s always worked, it still works. Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground and hustle harder every time someone bashes you. Redirect that anger, all that pain and fear you feel will make or break you. But don’t forget to be unapologetic in your love for everyone no matter what their opinion may be. Cheers.


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