A “Solution” Network

All that is seen is a world full of problems with no solutions, especially in the social media cyberspace. Everyday, we’re bombarded with news that somebody got shot, or someone got robbed, maybe occasionally someone had a good day. But, in reality, social media has become somewhat of a “shocker” network. Our most basic sympathies are being tested and we’re becoming normalized to dramatic events.

What if that could change?

What if someone created something better, something that could re-shape the direction the world is going? The world needs inspiration amidst the struggles. This isn’t a war between the middle and the lower classes. This is a thought war, a thought war that’s being dominated by every single, individual, personal mindset restraints.

In today’s world we’ve cultivated negativity into a rampant weed crop that we need to spray with pesticides. Everyone is worried about themselves, but nobody is willing to take the steps to dig themselves out. Everyone wants their piece of the pie, but no one is willing to work for it. Or maybe they’re willing to be an unhappy work-horse for it.

The only way to change this generational trickle-down effect is to promote belief. We need to teach and cultivate the ability to take an individuals mind and mold it into reality.

Right now, consider your life, where it’s at right now, and make a mental note to release that negativity from your mind and turn the negatives into abundant positives. I’d be pleased to hear your results in the future.


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