The Meaning Of Life In One Sentence

      The meaning of life is to position yourself in a way to impact the world and universe around you.


At least that’s my stance.


     The philosophical aspect of this question has always intrigued me. At the current spot we’re at in time, with the scripture and technology available to us, I have been able to make two deductions:

  1. Promoting this question to help or hinder anything in the universe is to ignore the other half of the question.

Believers will always serve God, as I try my very best to do every day. But, religion and theology is a choice, and while I’ve always been a strong proponent of the Grace of God, it would be ignorant for me to dismiss that there is another side to see.


2. To answer this question there must be no bias, and quite honestly may be without logical solution in ancient or modern language.

We live in a culture that we’ve created, and creation at its root is the foundation for solutions to problems. For example, a tree is created from the earth as a solution to cleanse the oxygen that other life uses.

While there may be no real answer to this question, I believe that we are put here for a reason. But, I respect the universe around me deeply and will continually strive to deliver that positive energy as well.


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