What Do You Consider Important In Your Spending Habits? Corporate Interest Has Us All Fooled.

Corporate interest has spurred subliminal indemnity in the workplace. Employees are being caught in a trap of needing to work for money, to pay for going to work for more money. Typically, a good corporation places their interest in assets rather than liabilities, while employees of these corporations think that they become valuable by “investing” in liabilities.


Time becomes all but consumed because the consumers are lead to believe that liabilities are important, and corporations showcase liabilities like assets. Even when someone isn’t paid a minimum wage, they’re coerced into believing vanities like cars and “toys” provide themselves value. Maybe it’s because they look for validation in their peers, and showing off their belongings, it could be any number of reasons. But, items quickly become outdated and are constantly being updated. It’s a classic case of “Keeping up with the Joneses”.


Good spending habits, like rejecting impulsive spending and savings accounts, aren’t generally good enough to break this cycle, the answer is a mental transition – a commitment to spend money earned on assets rather than liabilities. Paying off debt is the most considerable way to bring about a better lifestyle. But, buying things that could monetize for you, rather than against you, is the key to getting out of the “mediocrity” cycle.  The next time you go to make a purchase, ask yourself if you could turn money spent, into money earned.

Learn how to be a creator, rather than a consumer.


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