The Broke Factor – Entrepreneurial Hustle

     Why is it that some people are handed the silver spoon, but they still can’t figure it out?


When you’re forced to start at absolute zero, some say that you actually have a better chance at success. It’s not that money or resources wouldn’t help you, but it would help you more than someone who doesn’t understand value, because you would know how to use those resources effectively. In the 21st century, growing up with less becomes something of an excuse when it could very well be your best asset.

There’s a certain “hunger” with those of us that grew up a certain way, it becomes a mind set. Just take a look at inner-city kids, growing up eating Top-Ramen dinners, stressing over their parents bills while they can hear gunshots outside of their homes everyday. They learn how to hustle, how to fight for what they want and most importantly, that there’s no option other than getting out.


Developing that mentality becomes the biggest asset they have, but it can be depressive. It can lead to feelings of entrapment and claustrophobia in life, but these kids grow up not knowing what it means to give up. They won’t even consider surrendering to the system because their purpose becomes so definitive, that not owning it becomes destructive.

Some of the greatest public figures in the world grew up with nothing – Just read a biography of Eminem or Tony Robbins. But for these special few who stay clear of the trap and develop that mindset, there’s always something good that god has in store for them.


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